Day 2 of 30 in 30 And 29 Faces

29 Faces in September started yesterday.  So today, I'm showing you my first two faces.  One is a little sketch I did and the other I painted so it would qualify for Thirty Paintings in 30 Days.

First the Sketch

A Little Sketch by Tori Beveridge 2015 Photo

and now the painting for

  Day 2 of Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

My painted piece was inspired by one of  Tamara Laporte's lessons from Life Book 2015, which involved collaging and then painting over a face from a magazine.  Fun! Fun!

Here's a little detail of what I started with and what I ended with. 

From This to This Detail

and the finished piece...

Photo of A Collage Paint Over by Tori Beveridge 2015

29 faces

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