Day 5 of 30 in 30 and My Third Face

For this painting I decided to try simply putting some watercolors on to the paper and see what I saw in the dried paint, similar to the journal pages I showed you here:  What The Paint Splatters Revealed

To start, I wet the paper and added blue and a peachy red that I mixed.  I let it dry, then came back to see what I could see.

Third Face 1

What do you see?  I couldn't see anything at this point so I turned the paper vertically.

Third Face 2

There!  Can you see it?  It's a face!

Third Face 3

I added paint to emphasize the facial features, hair and background.  Drying time again.

Third Face 4

Details added to eyes, nose, hair and background.

Jane by Tori Beveridge 2014

...and she's finished.  She looks like a Jane, so that is what I named  her.

I really love these happy little surprises that come from playing with watercolor.

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 5

29 faces

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