SOC Week 6

Week 6.  The final week.  How fast these six weeks went by.  It really is true that time flies when you're having fun.

Our colors for this last week were raspberry and tangerine, with a smudge, splash, or pop of lemon.  

I will miss these deliciously colorful art prompts that inspired all those that took part to create pieces of art that they would not have done without Summer of Color.

I will miss even more, the community of artists who participated in this.

It's not that I became close friends with all of them personally, it's the fact that for one of the first times in my art career and my involvement with many different art communities, that I truly experienced and witnessed a close sense of community and support for everyone, no matter what type of art they created or how they did it, no matter if they were a beginner or an expert, all were warmly greeted, conversed with and supported.

Thank you Kristin for creating and hosting Summer of Color.  You, and the wonderful group of artists who participated, truly made my summer a wondrous time.

The final quote Kristin gave us rings so true:

"There shall be eternal Summer in the grateful heart"  - Celia Thaxter

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