New Dog Art - West Highland Terrier Painting

Day 20 of Art Every Day Month.

When I was a little girl, I had a set of dog magnets.  One was a black Scottish Terrier and one was white.  I hadn't heard of Westies then, but I think the white was supposed to be a West Highland terrier.  I loved playing with the magnets, and have had a soft spot for Scottish Terriers and Westies ever since.  I've never owned either, but if I was to buy or adopt a terrier it would be a Westie.

My Mom has the pleasure of owning a Westie-Poo named Mac, and he's a cute little thing.  This painting is dedicated to her and Mac.

Westie Cuties by Tori Beveridge

I worked digitally in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.  My reference was a stock photo found on, here.

If you'd like to view it in a larger version, please visit my gallery.

Hmmm...I think I've given away part of my Mom's Christmas present. 

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