Monday, February 8, 2016

Face #5 - Straight Inside of My Soul

This face only emerged after I gessoed over the one I had started which wasn't working the way I had thought it would. I'm so glad I covered it up and let this girl come out.

Face #5 by Tori Beveridge 2016

Lessons learned...gesso is my friend and to be flexible because every painting has a soul waiting to get out, and it's not necessarily the one you thought it was going to be.

Close Up Detail of Face #5 by Tori Beveridge 2016

Done on 4x6 140lb cold press watercolor paper in acrylics, with some background collage and, of course, gesso.  

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Face #4

I haven't done a drippy watercolor face in a long time, so decided to play today.  

Photo of Face #4 by Tori Beveridge

29 faces

Friday, February 5, 2016

Face #3 - Step by Step Walk Through

Today's face is called "Everyone is Beautiful".   As you can see, I wrote those words in her hair.

Everyone Is Beautiful Close Up by Tori Beveridge 2016

When I started to sketch her, I decided to grab my camera and photograph some of my steps.  I have some friends who are beginning their face painting and sketching journey, encouraged by 29 Faces.  I thought it might help to see someone else go through the stages of a creating a face.

I started with a circle/oval and then divided the face up and placed my eyes, nose and mouth.

Face 3 Step 1

As you can see, I divide the face in half vertically, then half way down, I position the eyes with 2 circles and a line for a top lid, then half way down again I draw a circle with 2 dots for the nose and then half way down again I draw a line for the middle of the mouth with a wide M above it for the top lip and a semi circle for the bottom lip.

Face 3 Step 2

Then I define things a little more.  I added ears (the bottom of the lobe lines up with the nose), shaped the temples, defined nostrils and added a little bit of a chin.

Face 3 Step 3

I added hair and eyebrows and worked on the eyes.

Face 3 Step 4

I added color with Neocolor II watersoluble crayons and acrylics.

Face 3 Step 5

I used ink to redefine the details and added a bit of shading.  I wasn't loving her too much here.  The eyes are too green.  I tried bringing in a bit more blue for balance.  I also lost the shape of the temple and the ear here, which I had liked before...  It stays lost, but that's all part of learning.  I'll worry about ears and temples another day.

Face 3 Step 6

Adding blush and more shading.  I like using a lavender color for shadows.  Her nose needs fixing along with the white areas on the face near her hair which should be darker.

Face 3 Step 7

I fixed her nose, added my song lyric "everyone is beautiful in their own way" and used some white acrylic for highlights.  I added some sketchy scribbles and cross hatching.  I still have to fix the shading on her face.

Face 3 Final - Everything Is Beautiful by Tori Beveridge

 And she's finished.  I used pencil crayons to shade the hair, add blue to the eyelids, and to fix the areas on the face that needed fixing.

On to the next face!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Face #2

Face #2 is finished.  Mixed media including water color, ink, colored pencil, graphite and acrylic.

I know I shouldn't take photos at night, but I wanted to share her with you today.  The true colors are so much nicer (especially the background and the shadow under the nose) and the hair color is much richer.

Face #2 by Tori Beveridge 2016

If you want to see the sketch I started with, check out yesterday's posting.

29 faces

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

29 Faces 2016 - Yay!

Hello my friends.  Happy February!

I'm sketching and painting faces all month.  What joy!

I'll be sharing all 29 of the faces a create for this year's February 29 Faces art challenge.  I love, love, love this challenge.

I'm so excited to share my first face.  I painted her after doing one of Life Book 2016's lessons, on releasing your inner child, relaxing and letting go while you create.

I really like her.  She was painted with acrylics on top of collage.  I wanted to use colors I don't normally use in my work and which aren't normally used for skin tones.

Face 1 Painting by Tori Beveridge 2016

There are quite a few layers of paint, as I didn't sketch her out first but simply painted and let her develop, which meant I would paint out some parts that I didn't like and then repaint on top of them.

Face 1 Details of Painting by Tori Beveridge 2016

I like all the colors and layers peeking through.

I've started today's face.  Here's the sketch of it.

Day 2 Sketch by Tori Beveridge 2016

She's all ready to be painted and my supplies are calling to me to get started.

I'll see you back here tomorrow with the painted version.

29 faces

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